Today is the day.

Just Organize, LLC is a judgement-free professional organizing company specializing in creating functional spaces, reducing stress and simplifying lives through organization.


With a heart of service to others, passion for organizing and many factors of family and personal change, I have been led to Just Organize, LLC.

My business is built on relationships and trust.


From reorganizing spaces to decluttering, packing and unpacking to decluttering (and
everything in between), let Melissa and her team help you just organize today.

Our Process


During an initial in-person, complimentary consultation, we will briefly discuss your project priorities, needs and goals. Additionally, we will take time to see the space, assess the situation and determine the best plan and budget for you.

Evaluate & Sort

Working together, we will determine the best decision regarding the "stuff" in your space. Should you keep it, donate it or is it finally time for the kids to take it to their house? Don’t worry, you will never be forced to part with anything you are not ready to give up.


The final step in the process is to implement the system. Just Organize will categorize your space and organize your stuff. When the project is finished, we will discuss a maintenance plan for staying organized.

Give us a call, and Just Organize today.

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